Snubbz Smoke Silencer Review

Snubbz Smoke Silencer Review

The Snubbz Smoke Silencer is really unique from other sploofs on the market in design and function. It reminds me of a baby food pouch that comes with a cherry topper, which is kind of cool if you ask me.

I was excited to buy a Snubbz sploof and try it out. Unfortunately, it looks like it is is no longer being offered and I will only be able to provide a research based review of this sploof as a result.

Snubbz Smoke Silencer - What to Expect

Snubbz was born in California, just like the Smoke Buddy and Sploofy. The "happy toking company" created their sploof to capture 99.7 percent of particles, and it comes with a cherry topper to absorb the smoke smell from your pipe, bong, or even vaporizer; they achieve this by using activated charcoal that is made from coconut shells. The silicone bowl topper withstands up to 450℉, and the Snubbz device will last about 200 hits before needing to be replaced. Lastly, stickers are provided to cover the Snubbz graphics for even more discrete use.

Use and Care

Using Snubbz is really easy:

  1. Uncap the cherry topper and set it aside
  2. Take a hit and quickly place the cherry topper firmly on top of pipe bowl for at least 10 seconds
  3. Exhale into the Snubbz
  4. Release the cherry topper while inhaling any remaining smoke from your pipe

To care for your Snubbz, wipe the inside and outsie of the mouth piece with a moist towel or alcohol wipe. The following Snubbz Smoke Silencer video review covers the basics.

Final Thoughts

I am pretty bummed I was not able to get my hands on the Snubbz smoker silencer before they stopped offering them. Although it only lasts for about 200 hits, I like the idea of having a portable sploof that also includes a cherry topper, and the pouch design defnitely sets it apart from what I have seen offered with other sploofs in the "looks category". Lets hope the Snubbz team is working on the next generation of their product line and will bring this sploof back to life soon!